Since 2014, every year the Italian Ministry of Culture designates a city on its territory as manifesto / symbol of Italian heritage and 2024 will be the year of Pesaro.

The aim of the project is to make the hidden national treasures visible to a wider public, encouraging their promotion and growth.

"The Nature of Culture"

The slogan of Pesaro2024 cultural project is The nature of culture and thousands of events will take place in the city and its 50 municipalities.

The official inauguration ceremony took place in January 20th, with the presence of 7,500 people and the head of state Sergio Mattarella.

This has been the opportunity to outline its trajectory based on the relationship between culture, nature and technology.

Pesaro 2024: art, culture and music 

The program is full of events and initiatives, it combines tradition and innovation, local and international artists.

As a reminder of these values, the city has installed a luminous crystal sphere, the Biosphere, in a sort of dialogue with the already existing Large Sphere (aka the Pomodoro Ball) made in bronze by the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro.


Along with the already vivid seasons of the Rossini Theater and Sperimentale Theater, during the whole year, the city of Pesaro will host exhibitions, conferences and live performances.

Among these, the unconventional Concerti dal Balcone stand out. These concerts are performed in memory of Gioacchino Rossini, the famous Italian composer born in Pesaro, directly from the balcony of his birthplace.

Moreover, the city will also host in may Marina Abramović's mixed reality performance, The Life and the video-artistic reproduction of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Tin Drum in september.

You can find the complete programme by clicking here.

We also recommend following the event's social pages to stay updated: 


Not only culture: also nature is a protagonist of Pesaro 2024

In Pesaro 2024 nature and environment will also play an important role thanks to San Bartolo, the natural park overlooking Pesaro and the Adriatic Sea.

With its peace and tranquility, the tourists will be able to discover one of its 21 paths independently or taking part in guided activities. The mountains is also suitable for those who love biking.

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In addition to the numerous activities that will take place in the city of Pesaro, every week a different municipality will have the opportunity to show itself and its true identity.

The province has plenty of laboratories and small studios where various materials are wisely worked and enhanced to the best of their potential.

From ceramic works to leather objects, tourists are welcomed to actively experience the creative process and personally manufactore these.

Essential for the realization of the event, is the role performed by tour operators. These professionists with their properties spread all over the territory and international contacts, can facilitate these exchange and lead to the success of the program.

Gastronomy and local products

Pesaro 2024 will also makes tourists‘ mouth water.

From extra virgin olive oil to the Pecorino cheese, passing through tasty wine or fresh beers, they will have the opportunity to appreciate and discover the culinary delicacies of the area.

For those who want to experience something original, we reccomend trying the Rossini pizza: a pizza named after the composer to remind of its origin truly “made in Pesaro”.

In this creation plenty of mayonese and boiled eggs are added to a margherita base. Something unconventional to try.

Rossini Pizza

Pesaro 2024: a unique opportunity to enhance the territory 

Finally, Pesaro 2024 will be the opportunity for everybody to discover the true potential of the province and explore its authentic nature and power.

2024 will be a turning point, the beginning of a new era of openness and decisive union between art, tradition and community.

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