What will you put under your Christmas tree this year? Everyone likes to make and receive presentsespecially if they are unique and high quality products like those you can find in Le Marche region. Directly from the craftsman workshops, the farmer's cellar or the most renowned fashion houses, there's a million ideas to surprise your friends and family! Christmas markets are the perfect opportunity to get great deals and enjoy the magical Christmas spirit. Here is my short shopping guide :)

Food & wine

christmas presents

You never go wrong when you give your friends, neighbours or relatives good food as a present!
A high quality bottle of extra virgin olive oil, a honey jar, some pecorino cheese, a bottle of wine or home-brewed beer will let you make a good impression.
What about cold meats such as the typical ciauscolo salami to spread on bread or some homemade pasta as Maccheroncini di Campofilone? You'll make the whole family happy!
And for the more refined palates, I suggest truffle products. If you really want to exaggerate, package a whole basket with all these typical products!

Decorative objects

Craft lovers will surely appreciate terracotta, ceramic and wooden objects...all made by skilled craftsmen. Many of these can also be customised adding engravings or any other element that will make your gift truly unique and original. And as we are talking about Christmas baskets, you cannot leave without buying the typical wicker basket of the Southern Marche region.

DHvillas-Regali di Natale

Clothing and accessories

For the joy of women and men who care about style, Le Marche region has top quality clothing and accessories from head to toe. Fine leather hats, handbags and shoes, tailored dresses, knitwear and jeans. Convince your other half in making you a very special present, but don't forget that getting yourself a gift also counts ;)

DHvillas-Regali di Natale4

Don't waste your time and leave for your Christmas shopping weekend or short getaway! 

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