Early booking is the advance booking of a holiday, generally we're talking about one year at least. The purpose is the same as last minutes, that is saving on listed prices, but it works exactly the opposite in terms of timing.Most people still think of the last minute as the only chance to make great deals and grab unique opportunities at discounted prices. However, even early booking scheme - which is a more recent trend – gives the traveler many benefits. By planning in advance not only discounts are offered but also more favorable conditions compared to a last minute.

So how does the early booking work and what are the benefits?

When a reservation is made well in advance, travel agencies offer reductions on the listed prices, as they have an interest in filling their calendars as quickly as possible and ensure guests'presence. Usually this kind of discount starts just after the end of the summer season until the beginning of the next year and is valid on stays taking place on the following summer season.

There are several types of discounts, some of them are depending on the length of the stay and some others on the booked period and season. The more weeks a guest book, the greater will be the percentage of discount on the final rental price (generally from 4% up to 12%). Discounts are very frequently available for early bookings concerning the low and mid season periods, i.e. May, June and September. Actually during these months there're few tourists searching for accommodations and the interest of agencies in getting bookings on these dates becomes greater.
These discounts are promoted through a section of the agency web site dedicated to special offers or through promotional banners. It is always good to check these conditions during the negotiation, as they might not be applicable to all solutions.

In addition to the money aspect, what really makes early booking a smart solution is the wider choice of highly tailor-made proposals and services. So, basically, the earlier you come, the better you are accommodated! Luckily, many people today can plan holidays ahead or have pre-established days off, so why shall we be waiting till the very last minute and settle for less?

Advance booking always requires a deposit on the price of the stay which is about 25%, then the balance has to be transferred near departure date. However, this shouldn't be seen as a negative point, because advance payments often provide other benefits in addition to the discount itself, such as the possibility to pay the down payment into different installments or a collective insurance, to protect against cancellations. Not to mention that, by splitting the payment, the impact on the wallet will be softer compared to a last minute!

Here's a trick...

Fotolia_197840_MThanks to early booking, by booking during the summer season for the following one, it is possible to block the price for the stay. This means that if there should be price increases for the coming summer, you ensured the best price for your holidays!