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A local Italian Tour Operator is the solution for your holidays!

By Barbara 17/07/2020 No Comments

Where do we go on vacation? The choice of the destination where to spend the long-awaited holidays is an increasingly complex issue. There’s plenty of offers available online and websites dedicated to tourist rentals have multiplied in recent years.


It usually starts from a dream, when by chance we read an article in a newspaper or when we’re attracted to a photo on Instagram. If we close our eyes, we can imagine we’re already there. Now, though this might seem trivial, it’s actualy really important to be aware of your travel skills, limits and difficulties that sometimes arise during the holidays. This is why DIY holidays is not such a simple thing!


After you choose the destination, the type of holiday is crucial and depends on both your personality and needs. And remember, desires and needs don't always go together! Many people look for relaxing holidays: no sport, no diet, no alarm clock!!! Days pass quietly, with tours of the main local attractions and tasting the typical cuisine. For others, holidays mean adventure and new exciting experiences. In both cases there are aspects not to be overlooked, especially if we’re spending all savings of a year and want to live the entire holidays without worries.

On the web you can find articles, blogs and forums that discuss whether it is better to organize a holiday on your own using travel portals, rather than with a tour operator. Below my contribution with brief reflections based on our long experience in the tourist rental marked, with the hope it might help you!



Organizing a journey on your own is possible thanks to the Internet, but it’s not always said that it is the cheapest or smartest solution. The task of a local tour operator does not end with the simple booking, but continues offering assistance until the end of the stay at the villa. You will have a contact person who speaks your language, knows the destination and gives you useful suggestions that you’ll hardly find in the guides. And above all, he can quickly resolve any unexpected events.



The world of tourism has changed a lot in recent years; it takes much more training and experience for professionals to respond to a market that rapidly changes its needs and expectations. When a local tour operator offers its advice, it puts its expertise at the service of the guest. For example, its direct knowledge of possible drawbacks during the stay ensures greater promptness in finding solutions. Thanks to its knowledge of the area, you will have all the information and suggestions on events, places of interest, restaurants, clubs: that’s the real meaning of hospitality which makes the difference between a good stay and a perfect stay! Moreover, a tour operator can book and organize exclusive services for you at a fair price. I bet every tourist wants to feel safe and secure when visiting a new place he’s never been before, don't you? Even budget is an essential aspect! If you book through an online platform or with a big online travel agency, you will hardly have the same type of direct assistance and you’re often demanded to pay an additional commission that you could save through a direct reseller. Actually local tour operators are the direct managers of the villas advertised also on the platforms, so I recommend to search online for the villa you are interested in and check the conditions offered by the local TO.



Now the question is: why not booking directly through the owner of the holiday house? Renting directly from a private owner might involve some problems and risks. Often people are too busy looking for a great deal and neglect important aspects. Assuming that booking via the owner really makes you saving money, then you should ask yourself these questions. First one: does he speak my language? Will he understand me if I need assistance? Language is the first barrier and even though everything seems easier at the time of Google Translate, most Italians are not particularly comfortable when speaking another language or using these tools. Second one: do accommodations correspond to descriptions? Do pictures reflect reality? It can happen that information and descriptions are misleading or not regularly updated. Contacting a professional tour operator ensures periodic inspection of the house facilities, updated pictures and attention to quality standard. Last but not least: do I get a booking contract? The contract gives security as well as having written regulations. In addition, a tour operator uses professional tools which guarantee safe payments and also a good management of reservations, avoiding unpleasant inconveniences such as overbooking.

Choosing a local tour operator is a winning choice for perfect holidays!