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What are the payment methods for a reservation?

By Alice 26/01/2021 No Comments
All agency websites and channels dedicated to vacation rentals are now offering instant bookingsmaking it possible to book and pay immediately for a holiday accommodation. Depending on the channel settings or the manager of the structure, you will be requested for a % of down payment to block the dates on your favour and a final balance closer to departure.

Since we're all a little suspicious and don't want nasty surprises when it comes to the long-awaited holidays, let's see together what are the most common deadlines and payment methods for a stay.

What are the payment deadlines?

Let's assume that we have finally found the perfect holiday house and want to secure it.

The first step is to give up the idea of paying the full amount upon arrival for two main reasons:
- the structure welcoming us needs a guarantee in its turn
- unless we are dealing with the direct owner, the agent handles the entire transaction before check-in

It is standard practice in this business to request a down payment at the time of booking, usually up to 20-30% of the total amount and then the balance before arrival, from a couple of months to a few weeks beforehand. As you can see, there is no fixed rule, so it is important to check the general sales conditions in the supplier website.

In addition, carefully check the due dates of payments, because in the event of a delay the reservation could be automatically canceled.
However, if we are booking as a last minute, we will probably be asked to pay the full amount in a single instalment.

What are the payment methods?

online-banking-3559760_1920Our watchword here is 'tracking'! So be wary of all situations you're required to send cash or checks, to transfer money in prepaid cards or similar. Professionals give a wide choice of methods, from bank transfers to various types of credit cards and use patented systems to protect transactions.

credit-card-851506_1920Most people appreciate the card, because it allows immediate and quick bookings. When choosing the bank transfer instead, those ones who don't have an internet banking access are forced to go to their bank. Also considering costs, a credit card transaction is usually free of charge, whereas a bank transfer involves costs depending on the bank policy. Last, but not least in terms of convenience, by paying the deposit by card you can activate the direct debit on the same card when balance expires.

So, be sure to read carefully the general sales conditions on the agency website or in the listing before proceeding with the payment and in case of doubts always ask the expert for further clarifications!