Putting the right effort in the choice of the holiday home to regenerate and take a break with your family is essential for the success of your stay.
But what are the fundamental aspects to book the villa that best suits your needs? There is a lot to consider and it's easy to forget something.

Follow our suggestions, as professionals in the tourist rental field we based on the most frequently asked questions from customers to write a short guide that can help you save money and choose the best channels specialized in the rental of quality villas in Italy!

Stay tuned, month by month we will get into all these themes:

Villa 'for exclusive use': the concept of privacy

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There are many types of holiday rental accommodations: the simple room, the apartment, the house within a village or the single villa. Talking about villa 'for exclusive use' means a private holiday villa that guarantees the exclusive use of all available spaces such as garden, pool and outdoor areas for al fresco dining. No reception or keeper on site to supervise, but only a careful maintenance service and respectful customer assistance ready to intervene in case of need. The use of the services and available amenities is not bound by set times and everyone can experience a tailor-made holiday in total autonomy, at their own pace and without stress. There are several services to combine with this type of stay, but all of them are customized according to the guest's needs by a dedicated and expert staff, such as a private chef who cooks in the villa and teaches the group traditional dishes, a language teacher or a local guide who takes off the beaten tourist tracks. 
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What's the early booking?

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Early booking is the advance booking of a holiday - generally we're talking about one year at least - against which different types of discounts and benefits are offered. Travel agencies have an interest in filling their calendars as quickly as possible and ensure guests'presence, that is why they offer reductions on the listed prices for bookings made w
ell in advance. The discount percentage varies mainly based on the length of stay (generally from 4% up to 12%) and the booked period. Huge discounts are available for low and mid season periods, i.e. May, June and September, during which the flows of tourists are on average smaller. If you already have clear ideas about the destination and scheduled holidays, don't wait until the last minute offer and start your search right away. You will find a wider choice of solutions and excellent booking conditions. Another advantage of early booking is that you can book during the summer season for the next one, blocking the price of the stay and avoiding any price increase. 
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Seaside Villa or Countryside Villa?

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It is important not to underestimate some aspects when choosing between a stay in a seaside villa and one in a countryside villa. It all depends on the type of holiday you are looking for, on the activities you want to do, but above all on the needs and comforts for which you are not willing to compromise. Choosing a villa by the sea reduces a lot the stress of moving to the nearest beaches, seaside resorts are generally more lively and public transport is efficient. But pay attention to rental prices and presence of many tourists, especially during high season. Countryside villas offer close contact with nature and are located in almost fairytale contexts. Of course, the use of the car is essential and even entertainment in the town centers is less.
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What are the cancellation terms of the stay?

shutterstock_1588833442 bannerAt the time of booking it is important to check any penalties applied in case of cancellation of the stay. They are indicated on the agency's website and it is often possible to request a collective insurance policy as an additional service to protect against a possible cancellation.
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Booking through a travel agency VS booking through an online portal

Fotolia_4845749_M-1DIY holidays in a vacation house in Italy is possible thanks to the Internet, but it’s not always the cheapest or smartest solution. In fact, a local Italian agency offers direct assistance from the booking stage to arrival at the villa, perfectly knows the property and destination, guarantees the best selling price and can organize tailor-made services at very convenient prices thanks to special partnerships. If you book through an online platform or with a big online travel agency, you will hardly have the same type of direct assistance and you’re often demanded to pay an additional commission that you could save through a direct reseller. Also renting directly from private owners might involve some problems and risks, as they mostly don't use professionals tools and this might cause unpleasant inconveniences such as overbooking.
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How much does it cost and what are the services included in the rental price of a holiday villa?

Villa Alis-22-1 The price of a stay in a villa is determined by many factors, including the property capacity, the exclusivity of the location and above all the services offered. Often some comforts are an optional, therefore it is necessary to pay close attention to the rental conditions. A professional and reliable agency always reports everything in detail to the traveler and all rental conditions are mentioned in the property description and official rental contract. And remember, the rental price also includes all the assistance and documents you receive from the delivery of the keys to your departure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out our top 10 of the services that should never be missing in a private villa for rent.
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What are the payment methods for a reservation?


Each booking channel has its own payment policy. Generally there is a deposit usually up to 20-30% of the total amount to block the dates and then a balance close to departure, that could be a month or a few weeks beforehand. The efficient systems used by professional agencies allow you to receive reminders in time, without running the risk of losing your booking.  Credit card has become the most popular and preferred payment method for travelers, although bank transfer remains an option. Watchword is always 'tracking'! So be wary of all situations you're required to send cash or checks, to transfer money in prepaid cards or similar.
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Can I take my dog at the villa?

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Luckily the offer of pet-friendly facilities is constantly increasing. The advert through which a holiday home is described always mentions about the possibility of taking pets or not. With the help of search filters, then you can also skim the proposals and focus on the pet-friendly ones. Read the property description carefully and check if there are restrictions on the number, size or spaces accessible to your pets. Some structures require an extra on the rental price if pets are present, all these details are indicated in the price section. If you have specific needs and do not want surprises upon arrival, you will need to let the host know before booking.
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How to recognize a reliable travel agency?

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Addressing to a travel agency specialised in tourist rentals is the best solution to avoid the risk of fraud. Simply check some useful suggestions to recognize them and safely book your holiday villa. Make sure all company data is indicated, do researches online and on social media. A summary contract and secure payment methods must never be missing before proceeding. Sometimes, even a more direct contact like a phone call can help.
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Which are the rules for check-in and check-out at the villa?

DHvillas-Check-in and check-out at the villaCheck-in and check-out at the villa take place according to very specific rules perfected over time by travel agencies to guarantee their guests a pleasant welcome and a stress-free departure. All conditions are usually stated in the contract, especially for arrival and departure times. Always keep in contact with the house keeper, he will provide you with the basic information for the stay, make arrangements for the maintenance of the property, collect and return the security deposit payment.

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